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Diana Lingerie - sexy and naked in the bedroom + breakfeast + home office

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Diana Lingerie - sexy and naked in the bedroom + breakfeast + home office

Diana wakes up on her second day at the hotel very inspired, ready to walk around and enjoy the day.

She's lying on the bed in just a cast and a sock to cover her cast toes. On top only the sheet she slept on and now she needs to change.

Before it is clear like every woman who has a beautiful body she looks in the mirror takes off the sheet that covered her face and shows all her beautiful body in front of the mirror. He goes to the bathroom accompanied by his crutch, where she is already caressing his cast, cleaning his toes.

He brushes his teeth, cleans his face and goes back to the room where he will choose his look for the day.

In her wardrobe she chooses thong panties, with the metal description written SEXY, which she will wear all day inside her clothes.

Along with that, a beautiful black pantyhose that makes her much hotter too. A beautiful black high heel sandal to go with it.

All dressed up, she goes to the hotel hall to have a delicious breakfast. at breakfast she draws a lot of attention and some snaps are seen.

She goes back to her room and goes to work a little in home office mode where she is a strong businesswoman.

The total video is 32 minutes with scenes from:

- nudity in bed

- dressing up

- thong underwear

- wearing pantyhose

- high-heeled sandal

- sexy bed scenes

- going to breakfast

- Working at home

You will get a MP4 (2GB) file
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