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Visual C++-essential book for beginners

By Vidrascu George
Chapter 1
The project folder will have the name that you supplied as the project name and
will hold all the files
making up the project definition. If you didn’t change it, the solution folder has
the same name as the
project folder and contains the project folder plus the files defining the contents
of the solution. If you
use Windows Explorer to inspect the contents of the solution folder, you’ll see
that it contains three files:
? A file with the extension .sln that records information about the projects in the solution.
? A file with the extension .suo in which user options that apply to the solution will be
? A file with the extension .ncb that records data about Intellisense for the
solution. Intellisense
is the facility that provides auto-completion and prompting for code in
the Editor window as
you enter it.
If you use Windows Explorer to look in the project folder, notice there are six files
initially, including a
file with the name ReadMe.txt that contains a summary of the contents of the files
that have been created
for the project. The one file that ReadMe.txt may not mention is a file with a
compound name of
the form Ex1_01.vcproj.ComputerName.UserName.user used to store options you
set for the project.
The project you have created will automatically open in Visual C++ 2005 with
the left pane as in Figure 1-9. I have increased the width of this pane so that you
can see the complete names on the tabs.

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