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Money Mindset Masterclass

Are you ready to manifest prosperity and conscious wealth? Here's your Money Mindset Masterclass. The workbook is attached, in there you'll find a powerful meditation to help you manifest!

Who knew that in just six months I'd go from selling $20 private Spanish classes and not meeting my friends because of 'no money' to hosting an awesome online coaching package and booking my dream vacation to Mexico with my baby girl?

I KNEW it very deep inside!

And it got me thinking that there was something that really catapulted my success. So I want to share with you what that is. 

Do you feel like you're doing everything you could possibly think of to save money but nothing seems to work for you?
Do you keep asking yourself what's the secret ingredient she has that you don't have (followed by the good old "I'm not beautiful enough, smart enough, good enough!")?
If yes, then keep reading as I've got a secret to share with you today. And the secret is - the super secret ingredient...which is...MY #GODDESS COMMUNITY!

Surprised? Listen, gorgeous, I'm going to give it to you straight today.

My entire business (& life!) transformed when I found my people, my safe haven community of high-vibe women, #girlbosses, #mastermindrockstars – people who cheered me on when I set insane goals just rising up from a very deep and dark depression, or pursued a super-scary-but-secretly- thrilling new opportunity or did something way outside my comfort zone (which was–and still is!–often).

Honestly, upgrading your mindset is ALL about the community and bringing together these authentic goddesses shining their lights upon each other into a place where support, warmth, and celebrations are the #newnormal! 

Because when you have somewhere to go where people cheer on you for overcoming your fears (because we actually understand what you had to go through to do so), where you can talk openly about your fears and your doubts and how to keep yourself together when you feel you're all over the place in the middle of your transformation...

You WILL cheer on life.

Not to mention instantly tap into a group of powerful women with purpose & expertise in a variety of disciplines...

Incredible things happen...faster than they EVER could’ve happened going it alone.

You can want whatever you want, no matter the voices in your head.  

You can dream your dream, no matter the criticism you'll get.

By saying goodbye to certain things you protect your energy and will find new things that will resonate with you on a higher level.

Because, really, my love, there ARE people and places you can go where people WILL celebrate you.

Your tribe is waiting for you.

I believe in you, gorgeous!

Do you have a great vision about making an impact on this world? That is your sense of purpose speaking to you.

God gave you the power of envisioning, of imagination to CREATE your own reality. All of us, every single one of us, have this power inside of us to work it like MAGIC.


Create a detailed VISION so that this reality finds YOU. You need to know what you want to be able to attract it. And I'm not just talking money... It's all about the energy you work with, and that, my dear... is your responsibility to take care of.

I always knew that there were women out there who are like me:

Women who don't quite “fit into” the regular 9-5 grind...

Women who wonder from time to time (or more like always) if they are simply “too much” for this world...  

Women who truly want to do some soul-searching and find out who they truly are being themselves unapologetically (and finally “find our people”)...

And I want you, my love, to know you’re not weird or strange. 

You’re not crazy. And you definitely shouldn’t feel guilty. 

In this Masterclass you'll learn:
  • How to change your MINDSET around money and clear the blocks that prevent you from receiving abundance.
  • 1 easy exercise to overcome your SELF-DOUBT, INSECURITIES & FEAR of not being enough.
  • My personal money affirmations to help skyrocket your bank account numbers to abundance.

You will get the following files:

  • MP4 (514MB)
  • PDF (4MB)

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