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DIFF Devices - SPECTR 3

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DIFF Devices - SPECTR 3

SPECTR 3 is a MaxForLive device that give you total control of Ableton Live.


- (NEW) Octave Up/Down Midi Clip
- Update Metering
- 50% Less CPU
- Bug Fixes
- No More Messing Undo History


- (NEW) Bypass Master Devices 
  Note: Devices needs to be active before adding SPECTR 3 to your project.
- Fixed Track Name color  
- Fixed color track chooser
- Fixed fader volume jumps to "-inf".
- Dark themes compatible


- Mapping Mode Enabled again
- Reset Peak values fixed
- Lock button no longer jumps
- Fix a bug that could make ableton crash
- Other bug fixes


- New Duplicate Loop (Midi Clips)
- New "get color from track" in clips.
- Bug fixes


• GUI Redesign
• Key & Midi Mapping
• Toggle View (Device View / Clip View)
• Lock ( Locks the float window to your screen or remove title bar)
• Open the device by mouse position
• Track Parameters
   - Track Selector
   - Volume
   - Pan
   - Solo
   - Mute
   - Record
   - Meter
   - Peak Level
   - Color Picker
   - Track Rename
• Clip Parameters   
   - Color Picker
   - Track Rename
   - Loop On/Off Button
   - Mute On/Off Button
   - Quantize (Midi Clips Only)
   - Warp On/Off (Audio Clips Only)
   - Warp Mode Chooser (Audio Clips Only)
   - Clip Gain (Audio Clips Only)
   - Pitch & Detune (Audio Clips Only)
   - Reset (Audio Clips Only)
• Master Track Parameters
   - Volume Control
   - Loudness Meters 

Instalation Guide:

(Mac & Win)

- Save the .amxd file anywhere on your computer or in a folder that you previously saved your maxforlive devices.

Usage Guide:

 - Simply drag the .amxd file as the last device in your MASTER Track.
 - Map “Open” button to your keyboard and/or midi controller.
 - Save as new template in Live’s preferences and you’re good to go.
 - Totally recommend to map the “Open” button before you use “Lock”.
* Only works in Ableton Live with Max installed.

* It Requires Ableton Live V11 (minimum).

You will get a ZIP (2MB) file
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