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Beginner's Blueprint to Diet and Training

            When I started working out in 2005, I was bombarded with a ton of conflicting information. I read so many conflicting articles and was told so many drastically different training and dieting approaches that I didn't know who or what to believe. It left me frustrated and confused. 

            This feeling is probably how a lot of you feel. Unfortunately for me, it took me several years to weed through the misinformation and experiment with different methods to figure out the truth. That is why I wrote this book. The point of this book is so you can bypass the beginning stages that I went through where you feel completely lost and confused and don’t know what to believe. If I had this when I started, I would have saved myself a lot of frustration and been on my way to making progress a lot sooner.

            This book is geared towards beginners. I define a beginner as someone who has been working out for 0-12 months. However, the book has been updated to include an intermediate and advanced routine and you will probably find this beneficial even as an intermediate lifter. The book is 40 pages and breaks everything down in a very simplistic and easy to understand way. If you come across anything in this book that you don’t understand or you want clarification on, feel free to reach out to me via my Instagram @apfau or e-mail at Just tell me you purchased the book, reference the part you want some clarification on, and I will be happy to help. This book is not meant to encompass every single aspect of training and nutrition. Rather, it is supposed to be a huge initial stepping stone to get you on your way to making gains without suffering that initial phase of confusion.

Topics Include:
  • 10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Lifting
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • How to Calculate Maintenance Macros with Step by Step example
  • Deciding to Bulk or Cut
  • How to Bulk Correctly
  • How to Cut Correctly
  • Dealing with Skinny Fat
  • Sample Meal Plan to Hit Maintenance Macros
  • Sample Meal Plan with Adjustments to Gain Muscle
  • Sample Meal Plan with Adjustments to Lose Fat
  • Recommended Food Sources
  • Transitioning Between Bulking and Cutting
  • Flexible Dieting/IIFYM Explained
  • How to Adjust Calories When You Stall
  • How To Track Macros When Eating Out
  • Training
  • Overview of Each Type of Routine
  • Strength vs. Hypertrophy Explained
  • Progressive Overload Explained
  • Recommended Beginner Workout Routines
  • Sample Beginner Workout Routine
  • Sample Intermediate Workout Routine
  • Sample Advanced Workout Routine
  • Sample Full Body Routine
  • Sample Upper/Lower Split Routine
  • Sample Push/Pull/Legs Routine
  • Cardio Recommendations
  • Supplements
  • Recommended Supplements
  • Unnecessary Supplements

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