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The Radiohead Protocol

For the past 60 years, there have been a lot of desperate people on the planet who claim to be targeted by a sinister government plot to torture and harass them. These people are known as Targeted Individuals (TIs).

Targeted Individuals claim to hear disembodied voices in their heads and experience severe physiological discomfiture, such as mind- and body-control at the hands of their attackers – so-called “Perpetrators” – a breed of human beings known to ruthlessly torture their victims, the Targeted Individuals, and electronically control them using remote radio frequencies and satellite terrorism.

The act of hearing voices that are not there is called V2k, or “Voice-to-Skull”, in the vernacular. It is a continuous nightmare for the millions of Targeted Individuals who are subjected to it; an incurable condition that, once acquired, is a lifelong sentence of neverending horror and torture that is as indescribable as it is inhumane.

“The Radiohead Protocol”, the third book in the V2k trilogy of books that started several years ago with “The 7 Keys to V2k” and “The Truth Will Set You Free”, is the definitive response to long-unanswered questions about V2k, the book that lifts the lid off the entire mind-control industry run by the Perpetrators in the United States and the rest of the world.

“The Radiohead Protocol” addresses vital subjects such as, where does V2k/mind-control come from? How did we come to be V2k/mind-controlled? How is V2k/mind-control administered? And of course, the biggest question of all: How do we, as Targeted Individuals, free ourselves from it?

Definitive answers could not be found in the 20th and early 21st centuries. But at last, the information has become available: the secrets of electromagnetic mind-control – V2k or Voice-to-Skull – are no longer the insufferable mystery (or misery) that they once were, thanks to the trilogy series including “The Radiohead Protocol”, the final instalment.

It takes the reader on a journey to the past, to witness the very creation of V2k by the inventor of electromagnetic mind-control. He was not only a founding father of the New Age movement in the mid to late 20th Century, but a member of the Military Industrial Complex; an academic with a special interest in reading other people’s minds; a lifelong ambition which he managed to fulfil during his industrious career.

Far from being a footnote in history, the inventor of V2k went on to patent his mind-controlling invention and then table it as a major electromagnetic mind-control project of the US government. Indeed, the invention was perfected as a psychological warfare program for the Pentagon in the 1950s.

“The Radiohead Protocol” is essentially the unauthorized biography of the inventor of V2k/mind-control, who subjected millions of Targeted Individuals to a lifetime of mental slavery and unimaginable suffering after he researched on non-consenting subjects and then went on to exercise Electronic Harassment and mind-control indiscriminately on victims with devastating effects.

The book then returns readers to the present, where the so-called Perpetrators currently use the very same mind-control program – created by the inventor so many decades ago – to ruthlessly torture and harass victims in their own homes and minds, as if enough wasn’t enough, already.

“The Radiohead Protocol” is the most uncompromising book ever written on the subject of 21st Century V2k/mind-control, and the only honest information that stands between victims of this heinous crime against humanity and a growing number of aggressive Perpetrators who use the invention to create pandemonium in the community...

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