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Get Your Child Ready for an IQ Test and for Gifted Child Qualification Process

Intelligence tests secrets revealed for the first time. This book uncovers the various types of questions that children are being asked in different intelligence evaluation tests and provides the tools that will allow them to excel and maximize their potential. 

Many grade-school children are required to take intelligence evaluation tests or gifted program qualification tests. These tests are usually intended to predict the child’s ability to participate and cope with tasks that requires a high intelligence level. The tests pretend to be objective and provide a non-biased indication of a child’s ability. However, studies have shown that this is not the case, and children who were prepared and practiced similar tests get significantly higher results. True, someone who is not intelligent will not be able to get high results even after huge amounts of training. Still, training allows gifted and intelligent children to realize their full ability and make the most of the stressful test situation. 10%-25% improvement is guaranteed for every child.

In this book you will find over 70 sample tests, covering twelve different types of questions, including:

  • General knowledge and vocabulary
  • Verbal comprehension
  • Conceptual relations
  • Shapes sequences and matrixes
  • Arithmetic problem solving and series
  • Pattern recognition

In addition to the sample tests through explanations for all question types is provided, covering all possible variations, demonstrating the best methods and strategies and providing useful tips and tricks.

This is the only available book that provides this kind of thorough preparation for all types of IQ tests, through fun parent-child quality time bonding experience.

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$ 49.99

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