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Cut and fill volume in AutoCAD or BricsCAD, perpetual version

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Cut and fill volume is an add-on for AutoCAD or BricsCAD, with new commands for scale modification for LINETYPE and HATCH, registration of mileage in BLOCKs, modification of longitudinal profiles, DWG to custom Hatch pattern, 3D axis and roadside starting from 2D.
  • VOL calculates the volume of filling and digging,
  • LSC multiplies with a number the scale of 'Linetype' for the selected entities,
  • HSC multiplies with a number the scale for the selected HATCHs,
  • PSC adjusts the scale for LINEs with 'Linetype'=POARTA*' for the selected LINEs,
  • KMP writes the mileage in the BLOCKs inserted on a POLYLINE,
  • YTE changes the Y texts of some points, relative to an origin point,
  • XTE changes the X text of some points, relative to X=0 of the current UCS,
  • PTE inserts elevation and slope with triangle on a POLYLINE,
  • P3D creates 3D axis and roadside, starting from 2D,
  • DTH creates hatch styles from a DWG.
You will get a ZIP (1MB) file