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The Fae Queen Of Winter: The Complete Series

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Enter the world of the fae with the complete Fae Queen Of Winter series.

Eira has always known she's the descendent of Jack Frost, and that she needs to call the frosts each year, what she didn't know is that fate has a lot more in store for her, including the throne belonging to the Fae Queen Of Winter.

Along with her mates, Eira embarks on an adventure like no other. Can she claim the throne and keep the balance between the Winter and Summer Courts?

The Fae Queen Of Winter: The Complete series includes Saving Eira, Reigning Eira, and Calling Eira, as well as the prequel, Frost's Forfeit, featuring Nieves and Jack Frost. It is a paranormal/fantasy whychoose romance series packed with fae, witches, and vampires.
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