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Freelancing (Audio): Create Your Own Job Today

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FREELANCING: Create Your Own Job Today's is part of our Executive Learning series to help our Business Professionals build Career Momentum. 


It Doesn't Matter if You're Employed or Unemployed! If you don't have a job then this is the best option you have. Getting freelance work can be 1000 times easier than finding a high-paying job. If you already have a job this is still a great option...You can supplement your current income and eventually you can quit your old job when you start making more money as a freelancer!

Getting started can be tough though, especially if you've never looked into freelance work before. In these Audiobooks you'll find in-depth information on becoming a successful freelancer which includes these valuable lessons:

  • Who freelancing is good for and who it's not good for.
  • The pros and cons of freelancing and how it can completely change your life.
  • How to get started freelancing and how to use online tools to find jobs.
  • The best way to get paid as a freelancer.
  • Shocking PayPal secrets that may make you think twice!
  • Why it's important to only choose jobs you're good at even when subcontracting
Audio Book comes with 4 audio files to enjoy at your leisure. 2 hours worth of ideas!!

We hope this can truly help you in your journey and appreciate your purchase which helping us with our mission to support others in journey to success.
You will get the following files:
  • MP3 (42MB)
  • MP3 (27MB)
  • MP3 (32MB)
  • MP3 (21MB)