Mandolin Video Lesson: Barre Chords & 7th Chords

by Bradley Laird

Barre Chords & 7th Chords, by Bradley Laird, is a downloadable video lesson for beginning and intermediate mandolin students. You will learn four useful barre chord shapes that can be moved up and down the neck. These compact chord forms are great for anyone who is having trouble playing the Monroe style "chop chords" or if you have small hands. You will also learn three types of 7th chords.

For each chord Brad will discuss proper playing technique and also how to use the chord in a bluegrass, jazz, or blues context. Includes 3 MP3 practice tracks and a PDF file with the chord charts.

18:16 minute Video, 2 Page PDF, 3 MP3 Practice Tracks

You will get a ZIP (123MB) file.

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$ 8.00

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