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Told You So, Old Edition (signed paperback)

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(Old cover, the story is unchanged)

Everyone has demons, and for Nick, she’s a blonde-haired, gray-eyed siren who won’t give him the time of day.

Nick is the total package—loyal, hardworking, and he’s got a heart-stopping smile that could make any girl swoon. But true love continues to elude him. For years, Nick has fought his feelings for a certain bad girl, despite her reputation. His friends warn him against her—she’s caused enough turmoil in their lives to last a lifetime. Still, there’s something about Bethany that draws Nick in, and when life throws him a few curveballs, Bethany is only the beginning.

Reputations are hard to shake in a small town, which Bethany knows first-hand. She likes to party and let loose, but that’s not all she is. Amid juggling college exams and navigating her shattered family, caring for her autistic brother is Bethany cares about most. But when she’s forced to partner with the one guy who has always gotten under her skin, it’s all she can do to keep her walls up, or risk letting all she’s worked tirelessly for crumble.

Despite their past, Nick is determined to show Bethany that she’s wrong about him—about them. The Goonies, a hot-fudge sundae, and a late-night study session might be just enough to prove things don’t always have to be so damned complicated.

Told You So is a story about love’s imperfections and triumphs, about following your heart, especially when it’s not easy, and a testament that everything is better with pickles.

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