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Whatever It Takes - Old Edition (signed paperback)

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(Old Cover Copy - story is unchanged)

Stay busy. Stay focused. Sam’s plan to keep the past behind her was simple. But summertime, it would seem, has something else in store.

Desperate to escape the harrowing night that irrevocably altered her life, Samantha buries herself in ranch work to keep her father’s business afloat. But when Sam’s past comes rumbling back to town in a lifted, cherry-red pickup truck, it’s all she can do to keep her wits about her. A heatwave, a pair of familiar blue eyes, and a camping trip with friends will leave Sam reeling as she grapples with guilt and her yearning for a happiness she’s not sure she deserves.

Everyone knows Reilly, the all-American boy-next-door, had a broken home. He couldn’t wait to leave for the army after high school, but that was before he fell in love with Sam and captured her heart, only to break it when he deployed. When Reilly comes home to close the darkest chapter of his life, he learns it’s what has happened to Sam in his absence that will haunt him the most.

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