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All reports – Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency in Asia 2020

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Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency in Asia 2020, a joint publication by the Asian Business Law Institute and the International Insolvency Institute, is a compendium of 16 reports on the corporate restructuring and insolvency regimes in 16 jurisdictions across Asia Pacific, including all ten ASEAN member states and six of its major trading partners: Australia, China, Hong Kong SAR, India, Japan and South Korea.


Foreword (pp. v–viii)

James Allsop AO and Kannan Ramesh

Australia (pp. 1–71)

Reporters: Maria O’Brien and Timothy Sackar

Brunei (pp. 72–103)

Reporter: Nava Palaniandy

Cambodia (pp. 104–147)

Reporter: Jay Cohen

China (pp. 148–196)

Reporters: Shen Yuhan and Peng Fei

Hong Kong SAR (China) (pp. 197–267)

Reporter: Tom Pugh

India (pp. 268–317)

Reporter: Pulkit Gupta

Indonesia (pp. 318–357)

Reporters: Indri Pramitaswari “Mita” Guritno; Kadir, Andi Y; Timur Sukirno and Agung Wijaya

Japan (pp. 358–416)

Reporters: Shinichiro Abe, Shinnosuke Fukuoka, Yosuke Kanegae and Zentaro Nihei

Lao (pp. 417–436)

Reporters: Lee Hock Chye and Ketsana Phommachane

Malaysia (pp. 437–488)

Reporter: Andrew Chiew Ean Vooi

Myanmar (pp. 489–532)

Reporter: Scott Atkins

Philippines (pp. 533–586)

Reporter: Antonio Jose Gerardo T Paz

Singapore (pp. 587–666)

Reporters: Manoj Pillay Sandrasegara and Sim Kwan Kiat

South Korea (pp. 667–735)

Reporter: Chiyong Rim

Thailand (pp. 736–763)

Reporter: Kanok Jullamon

Vietnam (pp. 764–804)

Reporter: Vu Thanh Van
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