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The #800gChallenge®: The Antidote to Dieting Nonsense (Part 1)

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Sick of the gimmicks? Sick of restrictive diets you can’t stick to? Sick of the lack of results?

You’re not alone. The $60 billion diet industry (United States) is flooded with fads and quick fixes that don’t work! You know this because you’ve tried too many.

It’s time for a realistic diet. A diet free of restrictive and overbearing rules. A diet that works with busy lives and can withstand hectic family schedules, holidays, and even travel (<gasp!>). A diet that finally gets you the weight, health, and fitness results you’ve been working so hard for.

You are in the right place (finally!). This will be your antidote to all the dieting nonsense that has gotten you nowhere.

Welcome to the #800gChallenge®.

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