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By Zulf
Clickbank is a website where you can select good products to promote.

Basically, the business you’d be in after reading this article is “affiliate marketing.”

It’s a business model that enables you to promote other people’s product and earn commission when you refer a completed sale.

As an affiliate marketer, you’ve to understand certain things.

You’re not the seller. The salespage will do the selling.

So, what’s the job of an affiliate marketer?

1. Educate the buyer

You’ve to educate target audience. Buyers have problems and want the best solution to it.

But they need to understand how your offer can help. Most of these buyers are totally new to internet marketing or online shopping. They may have doubts about your e-book or membership site.

Whatever product or program you’re affiliated to, study it and educate buyers accordingly.

If possible, buy the product, not from your affiliate link but from the salespage. You’d experience the product firsthand, before recommending it to others.

As a Clickbank affiliate marketer, your reputation is at stake. Whatever you promote for sale would either lead to your growth as an individual or demote you.

2. Recommend helpful products

Product recommendation is your #2 duty as a clickbank affiliate. Once you’ve educated the target audience on what the offer is about, and how it can help them, it’s time to recommend a product. You’d either share a link or banner.

A simple video that shows the steps to use the product can be excellent. Call-to-action at the end of your article – instructs buyers on what to do next.

How to make money with Clickbank

I’m glad you understand your duties as a Clickbank affiliate marketer. So, how do you make money with Clickbank? Listed below are 3 simple ways to get started:

1. Promote Hot & Valuable Product

To start generating income from Clickbank, you’ve to join first if you’re yet to be a member. Once that’s done, proceed to the marketplace. You can find that at the top menu on Clickbank homepage or member area.

The truth is that some clickbank products convert better than others. It means that some products are hot and helpful. You should promote those. Beginners to Clickbank affiliate marketing often make the mistake of promoting any kind of product they can find.

When you visit the marketplace, look at the left hand side of Clickbank homepage and you’ll find the categories.

Click on E-business and E-Marketing or Health and thousands of hot products would pop out. Look below the product and watch for the gravity. If the gravity is less than 20, don’t waste your time with such product.

If the gravity is high, it’s a sure indication that people (affiliates) are making money promoting it. Your fellow affiliates are extremely glad about the product. It’s not a time to reinvent the wheel – just select the product and get started making money.

2. Create a website or blog

Yes, you do need a website or blog to promote Clickbank affiliate product easily. A simple website is all you need. Write quality content and optimize for search engines. Use social media marketing and guest posting to drive referral traffic to the product page.

Most importantly, capture email addresses of your prospects before sending them over to a salespage. This is vital because strangers may not buy from you immediately.

They need to be educated on the product and how it works. Earlier, I shared the duties of a Clickbank affiliate marketer.

When you capture email addresses and names of potential buyers, you can follow up with valuable articles, videos, podcasts and e-books to buttress your points.

This is a form of relationship building online. And it begins with email capture. Add optin email box to your website or blog and connect with potential buyers in their inbox.

3. Drive Targeted Traffic

Before you can make money as a Clickbank affiliate, you need to drive targeted traffic to your website. This website should be similar to a squeeze page or landing page.

You’d likely want many people to join your email list, so you can educate and recommend helpful products to them. The more subscribers you’ve and educate, the more money you can make.

It’s easy to attract generic traffic to a website, but when it comes to quality traffic; from those who really want to buy, you need to think out-of-the-box. You should optimize your website for long-tail keywords and use Twitter as your marketing weapon.

Clickbank affiliate takeaway

Get started today with Clickbank affiliate marketing. Clickbank will not withhold your money, no matter how much you earn. They’d send your earnings every week or monthly. See you ahead!

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