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#83 — Welcoming the Spiritual Awakening Within Me eWorkbook

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This workbook includes stories, essays, and thoughtful questions about the EA twelve steps and related recovery issues.
  • It explores recovery topics which have not been covered before in EA literature including;
  • Introduction of the new EA stages of recovery; Stabilization, Understanding, and Thriving
  • Exploration of healthy and unhealthy understandings of powerlessness.
  • Recognizing, exploring, & healing the effects of childhood trauma in our 4th step work.
  • A section exploring all our family of origin roles and current roles we still play.
  • Recovering from codependent & dysfunctional relationship patterns with the EA steps.
  • Powerful ways to work steps 6-12 which help transform negative thinking.
  • Emphasizing compassion & kindness in the working of all of our EA steps.
Perhaps the most important gift of the Awakenings Workbook is its’ positive vision of thriving instead of just surviving. The workbook was born from the experience of joy and thriving possible in third stage recovery. It is the result of a multi-year project involving many talented and thriving EA members.

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