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Fatal Bonds (Mischievous Malamute Mystery Series Book 6)

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Face down a brutal killer and risk your life in the process? Or deny a friend’s final request and let a murderer roam free, while justice goes unserved?

Arianna Jackson has hunted down clues, pieced together impossible puzzles, and confronted the worst of humanity while narrowly escaping her own demise in the past. So while she’s not clear why she was chosen to solve a decades-old crime where others have failed, she’s never been one to back down from a challenge.

Determined to fulfill the duty entrusted to her, AJ quickly faces more obstacles than answers in her pursuit of the evidence needed to identify a cold-blooded killer. Every time she makes a bit of progress, another thread unravels, and a roadblock is tossed in her path.

It doesn’t help matters when her single line of support seems to be among those derailing her efforts, so she is forced to rely on an unlikely ally, not knowing if he is friend or foe.

Time is ticking away, and the bonds of friendship, family, and allies are fractured, leaving AJ to trust her instincts to ensure a savage murderer is brought to justice.

If you are captivated by stories packed with suspense-filled twists—the kind that keep you turning pages and guessing all the way to “The End”—then grab a copy of Fatal Bonds today and join AJ and Nicoh on their quest to expose a vicious killer and bring closure to the loved ones of a victim who can no longer speak.
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