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Time Management (WH Self-Study #1)

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The Time Management Pack includes four full seminars that were originally produced for my Writers' Huddle members-only site, and which are now available on a self-study basis.

The seminars are:

Making Time to Write, covering:

  • The importance of finding the right place and time to write
  • Ways to make the most of the time you have available, however little it may be
  • Simple tricks you can use to boost your focus

Planning to Get Your Writing Done, with Phoenix Kelley, covering:

  • Setting tangible, measurable, reasonable goals
  • Making plans to suit the time you have available
  • Methods for keeping track of projects
  • Dealing with feelings of overwhelm or burn-out

Beating Procrastination and Conquering Writers' Block, with Tim Brownson, covering:

  • Making the time to write (even when you’re really busy)
  • Why procrastination really happens … and what you can do about it
  • Dealing with writers’ block in various forms
  • Finding what works for you, without worrying about what everyone else is doing

Creative Giants and Being a Successful Writer, with Charlie Gilkey, covering:

  • The key characteristics of “Creative Giants”, and how these play out for writers
  • How to define success on your terms, and why this matters
  • Why managing your time isn’t as important as managing your energy and attention
  • What to do if you have far too many ideas … or nowhere near enough

All seminars are audio mp3s. Each seminar comes with a full, nicely edited transcript, plus a downloadable worksheet that includes a summary and suggested further reading.

You will get a ZIP (126MB) file
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