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For just over a year I published a blog for instrument makers called The luthier blog. This ebook is most of the contents of that blog, rolled into one big ebook.


An impressive list of contributors:

In over 60 chapters, read the views of the master luthiers –

Ervin Somoygi, Jeff Traugott, Kathy Wingert, George Lowden, Bill Collings, Kevin Ryan, Bruce Petros, Steve Gilchrist, John Greven, John monteleone, Roger Bucknall, Simon Marty, Trevor Gore, Kent Everett, John Slobod, Scott Brown, Matt Artinger, Alan Beardsell, Dake Traphagen, Kent Chasson, Stephen Kinnaird, Greg German, Marc Beneteau, Claudio Pagelli, Brian Kingston, Michael Bashkin, Mike Doolin, Burton LeGeyt, Sylvan Wells, Grit Laskin, Hans Brentrup, Kim Walker, Jim Olsen, Al Carruth, Rick Turner, John Hall, Gary Southwell, Scott Brown, Brent McElroy and many more…

Find out who and what inspired many master luthiers to become instrument makers – how did they do it?

What do they think about repairing?

Find out how to promote and price your work.

How about giving your work away?

When to discount and by how much?

Who is a good endorsee for your work?

All these questions and many more answered by the experts.


The Luthier Blog ebook: Opinions, advice and ideas from some of the worlds greatest instrument makers


What’s in the ebook?I

Here are the chapter headings to give you an idea of what to expect:

  • 5 essential rules to making a guitar that sells
  • How the master luthiers became guitar makers
  • How to get started as a luthier
  • Working as a luthier vs guitar making as a hobby
  • Interview with top mandolin maker Steve Gilchrist
  • The science of guitar making 
  • Master luthiers: their influences 
  • Master luthiers: their influences (part 2) 
  • Marketing with video: an introduction 
  • Marketing with video 2 
  • How to deal with your first customer 
  • Being a luthier: working to deadlines 
  • Marketing with video 3: who is the best musician you know? 
  • Marketing with video 4: best camera and lens 
  • 9 ways to be a better guitar maker today 
  • Marketing with video 5: audio and editing 
  • Steve Gilchrist mandolin maker interview part three 
  • Guitar intonation, and how it can drive you nuts! 
  • Luthier supplies: the guitar kit makers speak! 
  • Luthier: scientist or artist? 
  • Luthier school: finding your own voice 
  • 14 master luthiers - advise how to be a guitar maker 
  • Guitar repair: why it's important to your business 
  • Clearing the air: respirator masks
  • Clearing the air 2: Mirka orbital sander
  • Luthier school: design a guitar body
  • Trevor Gore guest post: What is a luthier?
  • Clearing the air 3: woodshop air filters
  • Making a living: understanding the market
  • Luthier school: layout a guitar body
  • Lutherie school: what are the basics?
  • Clearing the air 4: workshop vacuum
  • Clearing the air 5 - Mirka sanding block
  • Bench time - where does yours go?
  • Luthier school: yet more on guitar body shapes
  • Making a living: understanding the market (Part 2)
  • Marketing without social media
  • 9 more things to help you be a better luthier
  • More useful things to try for your lutherie business.
  • Make a living from lutherie - "marking up"
  • Luthier school: headstock
  • TLB interview: Hiro Ebata
  • Work less and get more done
  • Luthier school: soundholes
  • Luthier school: bridge design
  • Marketing: Giving guitars away 1
  • Marketing: Giving guitars away 2
  • Choosing an endorsee for your work
  • No budget marketing - doorstepping
  • No budget luthier marketing - doorstepping gigs
  • more about doorstepping...
  • TLB interview: Rosta Capek
  • DVD review - Super-Tune a hand plane with Christopher Schwarz
  • DVD review - Japanese Handplanes with Jay van Arsdale
  • Thicknessing soundboards the best way
  • Offering discounts to artists? (Part 1)
  • Offering discounts to artists? (Part 2)


Astounding value - 234 pages of information for US$20.00  (plus VAT in the EU) dealing with subjects from marketing and selling your work, to practical workshop advice and artistic topics like" finding your own voice."

A must for makers of all musical instruments - not just guitars!


Regardless of whether your interest is in making or repairing, the ideas in this book can be of benefit.

This is NOT a physical book - it's an ebook - a PDF! THe ebook was designed to be read on a screen, it is not designed to be printed off. 


You will get a PDF (1MB) file
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