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Carbyne Jungle (Black & White)

Step into the Carbyne Jungle!

Carbyne Jungle is the new Tabletop RPG created by Nor Cal Mythos Entertainment.

Set thousands of years into a distant future, Carbyne Jungle combines elements of Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Noir, and Horror, into a rich gaming experience. Built on the Tri-Forge Engine, Carbyne Jungle has three styles of gameplay, customizable for beginners through advanced players, so whoever is at the table can jump into the game.  The setting is both in-depth and flexible allowing A GM to dive right into the universe, forge their own world, or anywhere in between. With phenomenal battles, meaningful non-combat conflicts, and an incredibly flexible advancement system, Carbyne Jungle is the game you’ve been waiting for.

What Makes Carbyne Jungle Unique?

NCM took every RPG we loved, tore them down to the bones, and looked at what was a essential for a great gaming experience. We didn’t want to carry an aspect over just because it was traditional, but we also didn’t want to throw out a common game facet just to be different. So we started with a skeleton of what makes a great gaming experience, added some muscle, fashion sense, hardware, topped it off with a half psychotic personality and threw the switch.

We built 3 styles of gameplay into our game engine: Basic, Standard, and Advanced… that can all be played simultaneously IN THE SAME GAME. A player joining their first game ever can use a sample character or use the quick character creation options to make a character in under 10 minutes, and then jump into the game.

Levels are replaced with a fluid system. As your character grows, you don’t have to shoe-horn them into a specific mold. After each session, your character will earn one or more advancement points that can be spent to upgrade your character...however you want. Unstoppable Juggernaut? Go for it. Glass Cannon? Sure. Skill based character? Feel free. You decide what you want your character to be.

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