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RPM 75 Vintage Notes (Remixed)

RPM 75 notes in vintage format (click Preview for a sample)

So I've painstakingly converted the choreography notes into the old style format that we all use and love. It was a very time consuming project but I'm sure it'll be helpful to instructors like me who have learned on this format and find it the easiest.

I haven't included everything from the offical kit, just the notes for all the tracks and a few other bits and pieces. It'll be enough to help you learn the chorey but please refer back to the original kit for all the additional information regarding the coaching for the individual layers/blocks.

I've included 2 formats. A mobile version ready for your phone and a printable version which includes a notes page for each track for your scripting etc. - the size is A5, so it's a similar size to the old booklets.

Finally, and I can't stress this enough - this isn't meant to be a replacement for the official notes, but merely an additional learning tool to help you digest the chorey. If you have the original kit, you don't need this at all, but if you prefer the old format - I've done the conversion for you.

If anyone has any issues just let me know.

And finally, a couple of points....


So why am I charging for this and not just giving it away? Am I trying to make money off instructors?

This is graphic design service I'm offering. If you wanted to convert your notes to the old format you could contact a graphic designer and hire them to make the conversion for you. In this instance, I am your graphic designer and you have hired me to do the conversion for you.

The price is set low as my intention isn't to make profits, but merely recoup my time and effort for the lengthy conversion.

I've also set a limit on how many purchases can be made to ensure I only make enough sales to recoup my time and no more.

If you missed out, I apologies.


Please note –

By downloading these pdf's, you acknowledge that you have purchased and own the full RPM75 kit from LM directly.

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