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A World Gone Normal: Bad Things Happen in Alleys

“Scream or yell and I kill you now.” The masked man said in a deep and gruff voice. I wasn't sure who it was, but I knew it was a male by his voice. He held a knife at my throat and was on top of me. 

“You can make this easy or you can make this hard. That is up to you.” He undid my slacks that I was wearing and pulled them down around my ankles. He then grabbed my panties and ripped them off. I am sure he tossed them somewhere, he wasn't too worried about where they had landed. 

I felt a surge of fear come over me when I realized what was happening and about to happen to me. I was going to be a rape victim! I didn't want to struggle for fear of him stabbing me with the knife he held, either by accident or on purpose. I couldn't scream for fear he might kill me. All I could do was hope that a passerby would see us, but I knew that wouldn't be possible. He had pulled me deep into the ally where it was dark. 

I heard some trash cans rattling and I was hoping that maybe it was a homeless person looking for food and saw what was happening. But my hopes were dashed when I realized it was a couple of alley cats that began to fight with each other. The irony of it was that it was a male cat trying to have sex with a female cat and she was putting up a fight. Probably a better one than I was I bet. 

Two potential rapes in one alley. How ironic is that? I found myself getting lost in my own thoughts when suddenly the man on top of me went limp. No, not his male part, I mean his whole body. Then someone rolled him off of me. It was too dark to make out who it was, but a street light lit up his face, it was Douglas! 

The knife went flying to one side and Douglas and Mrs. James’ son were soon in a scuffle. I didn't know where my panties were, but I was able to pull up my pants. My purse was nowhere to be found, which had my cell phone in it.

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