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Diana LLWC - Second Day - Lingerie Scenes - breakfast - HomeOffice - Chapter 03

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Diana LLWC - Second Day - Lingerie Scenes - breakfast - HomeOffice - Chapter 03

Second day 

Diana wakes up in her bed totally naked with pantyhose on her leg in plaster so that the fibers of the casts don't come loose.
She takes off this sock and shows off her pretty red toes and slowly wakes up to prepare for her second day with her leg in a cast.
Everything is filmed, she goes to the bathroom to brush her teeth and do her necessities.
Now is the time to undress and change clothes and put on a beautiful sexy lingerie to spend a more hot and confident day.
She puts on and shows off beautiful thong panties, takes advantage of them and puts a pair of pantyhose on the other leg, puts on a very executive and sexy outfit for the chores you'll have on your big day.
Go into the living room, choose a nice high-heeled sandal that you have the confidence to start supporting your broken leg with the help of a crutch and walk around waddling with style bouncing your ass in style.
She goes down to the hotel's breakfast, where her arrival at the reception draws everyone's attention and eyes are directed to her leg.
She goes with great difficulty getting her breakfast, walks to her table, starts to enjoy her coffee but of course playing games with her broken leg.
On the way out of breakfast, he goes through a large reception on the mezzanine where he begins to feel firm in his leg.
She goes back to her hotel room where she will do some home office work preparing her work to deliver to her boss at the end of the day despite all the pain and difficulty. Go to the notebook and do some work.
This 3 indoor chapter is over 32 minutes with scenes from:
- putting on and taking off socks
- waking up and putting on some really sexy lingerie
- scenes in the bathroom
- putting tights
- putting on high heels
- using a crutch as an aid until breakfast
- exhibition scenes in the hotel cafe
- scenes in the hallway
- scenes of work in the home office.

You will get a MP4 (2GB) file
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