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One on One 6 Month Business Coaching and Strategy Sessions (Deposit)

Introducing One on One Monthly Coaching, Assistance and Business Strategy Sessions with Ileaa Swift!

One on One Monthly Coaching Cost breakdown:
To start, you would have to hold your spot and select a start date.
Below are the options available.

Pay in full discounted rate $1997:
If you would like to purchase the discounted pay in full option, please email to receive an invoice. 

Payment plan rate:
$500.00 down to hold spot. The deposit activates the legally binding contract and holds space for you for 6 months while spreading out your additional payments.

Remaining payments set up via contract and can be spread over 6 months. Total price to use the payment plan option is $2397. (The pay in full discounted rate is a savings of $400.00 off). 

After you submit your deposit, you will receive your coaching contract within 24 hours via DocuSign and access to your Create Wealth From Scratch Mini Course.

The coaching program includes 12 calls. 6 masterclass one on one calls and 6 questions and answers calls over a 6 month period and any sessions that Ileaa schedules with you outside of the calendar.

For more information about Ileaa Swift and her work, click here: Ileaa Swift Forbes Magazine and here

Ileaa Swift Winner Arkansas Business of The Year.

Do you long for a richer, more fulfilled life doing what you love while spending more time with the people that you love?

What if we told you that you could possibly have all of this – this lifestyle that you crave – right now? 

All you have to do is learn how to effectively utilize your current full time or side business to create success. You don't have to have a trust fund, you don't have to run 15 different businesses and you don't need to wait until retirement (or win the lottery), all you have to do is learn how to take your current business to the next level. 

If you do not have a current are in luck! During Create Wealth From Scratch Monthly Coaching meetings, Ileaa Swift will be giving tips and information for new business opportunities that you can start with little to no money in any industry. 

In the Create Wealth From Scratch One on One Monthly Coaching program, Ileaa will show each member how to take a two-prong approach. First, reduce your living expenses and get out of debt. Second, use your current business or create a new business as a way to possibly turn your annual income into your monthly income, or whatever your income goal is. 

Without a step-by-step plan in place and a "friend in business" to assist you, you can spend years trying to figure out how to accomplish this on your own.

Ileaa will show you how to do both of these things at the same time.

Combining these two strategies teaches you better financial management while accelerating your goal of becoming a successful business owner with consistent income..... REALISTICALLY!

If you are ready to take your current business to the next level, would like to start earning more money now, and your soul longs to be able to follow your passions with freedom while doing what you love….then stop dreaming and start living!

With the Create Wealth From Scratch One on One Business Coaching program, Ileaa can help you.

A note from Ileaa Swift: 

"As a full-time entrepreneur, I’ve had lots of success: ✨Building my brand from scratch ✨Growing a brand that’s worth 7 figures ✨Helping THOUSANDS of entrepreneurs from all across the world become successful specifically using my coaching, secrets to success and duplicating my strategies while learning how to push past their fears and go after their goals! 

With my monthly Create Wealth From Scratch One on One business coaching program, I will share some of my secret business and networking tips and strategies, while also sharing information to help you grow your business or brand. I will also be your accountability partner and motivator during each meeting, to make sure that you don’t give up and that you continue to go around any blocks or issues and smash your goals! 

If you want all of the details on how to start a successful business and how to gain media and press for your business and position yourself as a public figure or expert, you’ll want to make sure that you are in my mastermind group for business and strategy!

And yes, I will be sharing how I grew my brand from scratch and how I’ve been able to attract acquisition firms and individuals who offer to purchase my business on a consistent basis, AND how to use your business as a platform and avenue to open other doors for you.

Everything that I will show you during our coaching calls, comes from my own experience and expertise.

With this program you will learn my secrets to:

~How to create a business from scratch

~How to set your business up on automation

~How I created a business from scratch and grew it to be worth millions within 6 years

~How to invest in real estate and add multiple streams of income 

~How I was able to gain the attention of media, news outlets and press with over 100 features in over 18 countries without spending a dime on PR. The news outlets that I’ve been featured in include the Associated Press, Forbes, MSN, Yahoo, The New York Times, USA Today, Oprah’s O Magazine and more without using a PR firm or publicist.

~How I was able to build an email list with thousands of subscribers that generates daily income for my businesses. 

~How I was able to use my platform in my industry to open doors for other opportunities such as sponsorships, speaking gigs, guest writing opportunities and acting. 

~How I was able to use social media as an advertising source to reach thousands of potential clients in 25 countries for only $1 per day.

 and finally…the most important….How I was able to retire when I was 30 years old and more! 

When you are in business, there are always things that can be done better. With the Create Wealth From Scratch Monthly One on One Coaching program, I can show you how to quickly develop and improve the set up of your business, decrease operating costs and expenses, help you rethink the way you present your business to the world, learn how to reach "Public Figure" status in your industry, assist you with gaining more leads and closing more sales, as well as providing guidance to hold you accountable for all of your work and goals during our coaching calls. 

If you desire to make your business profitable in 2020 or beyond, I can show you how to take massive action, make bold steps towards reaching your financial and freedom goals and give you step by step strategies to help you achieve the "art" of consistency and success as a business owner. 

See you in the next session."

Ileaa Swift  

What's included with the Create Wealth From Scratch Monthly Coaching One on One Sessions?

Program Includes:

Access to Ileaa's Create Wealth From Scratch Mini Course (Valued at $1297)

2 coaching calls per month (live calls with Ileaa Swift via online virtual meetings that can be attended in the afternoons, evenings or weekends with replays available upon advance request), free business building content, free e-book and e-guide downloads, tips, resources and access to Create Wealth From Scratch Facebook group. 

The coaching program includes 12 calls. 6 masterclass one on one calls and 6 questions and answers calls over a 6 month period and any sessions that Ileaa schedules with you outside of the calendar.

Create Wealth From Scratch Coaching meeting discussions covering the following topics:

•Winning strategies for building or rebuilding your business from scratch 

•Basic list building strategies 

•Secrets and steps to success

•Steps to help you get organized

•How to protect your business and beat chargebacks

•How to become an affiliate marketer 

•Investment ideas and tips

•Social media tactics and profile tips 

•How to add content to your business fast

•How to use Linkedin to attract high paying clients 

•Instagram, YouTube and Facebook training

•Retail vendor lists

•How to increase your website visitors

•Easy ways to make money offline

•Easy steps to product creation

•Email marketing tactics

•How to set up and grow your email lists

•Essential rules for internet marketing 

•Tips on ways to raise cash fast

•Tips on ways to enhance your business 

•Tips on how to write more effective ads 

•Secrets on how to connect with celebrities and influencers 

•Tips on how to profit from blogging 

•Tips on ways to make money "while you sleep"

•Marketing and advertising tips and strategies

•Branding tips and strategies 

•Website creation and design tips

•Wealth building tips and strategies 

•Tips for viral marketing 

•Tips on how to host a webinar

•Social media posting and engagement tips and guidelines

•How to create paid groups with your content 

•How to set up your paid group coaching program

•How to use funnels for advertising and leads

•How to become a certified government contractor

•How to create your own paid course

•How to stay positive when you want to give up

•How to reprogram your mindset and weaken your weaknesses

•How to influence and empower others

•How to automate your business or membership site 

•How to get featured in magazines and news

•How to add freebies to your business to attract new clients

•How to attract new clients and network properly

•How to create a profitable brand

•How to hide behind your brand when you do not want to be a visible business owner

•How to create and add paid products and downloads to your business quickly 

•Steps to reach "Public Figure" status (Up to 5 confirmed radio interviews included)

•How to get more word of mouth referrals

•How to reconnect with old clients and reach new clients

•How to master your industry and set yourself apart 

•How to increase your engagement overnight 

•Tips and ideas about places to advertise

•Powerful self help tactics 

•How to attract and achieve abundance now 

•Mind altering selling tools and buying strategies

•Best practices for operating a business/business development/business structure set up assistance (assistance learning how to set up a business structure LLC, sole proprietorship, insurance, business checking, virtual assistant, productivity tools, etc.)

•Best practices for social media (How to leverage and take advantage of social media)

•Planning for success goal setting

•Accountability and task management guidance

•Tips to help you understand your competitive advantage

•Time management guidance

•Client Role Play Session (How to handle a client from start to finish) 

•How to set up leads calls and intake meetings

•How to work less and earn more

•How to set up your business pages

•How to start your own podcast 

•How to find your purpose 

•How to create a tangible shift in your mindset, behavior and actions!

and more!

All meetings are held virtually and will vary from 60-180 minutes each session. Invitations to join the meetings will be sent out to the email address associated with your account 24-48 hours prior to each session.


*This program is designed to help you effectively and economically set up, build and operate your business during our group monthly coaching calls. No income, wealth or success is guaranteed.

Bonus: Free 2021 Dubai hotel stay is included with the early bird memberships. Government taxes and fees are not included. Once government taxes and fees are paid, member has up to 18 months to use the Dubai hotel stay.

All plans are non refundable and non transferable.
A legally binding contract will be required with this option. Account must be paid in full according to the terms of the contract.

Account can be managed at any time by logging into Payhip account.

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