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Treason of Climate Change

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The Winning Lottery Ticket: Bankers grabbed hold of the natural cycle of Medieval Warming and Little Ice Age cold fame. They know for fact that it was going to continue warming until the mid Twenty Second Century and remain warm for at least the year 2300. Knowing this, they just needed to find a false reason to blame it on and a means to turn the two into a means to make a profit. CO2 was a loose theory of plausible warming that fit this power ball number. By the year 2100, over 100 trillion dollars will be invested into just the renewable aspect of this Climate Change mitigation, mitigation of something that is nothing but a lie. Climate Change is a lie that was put into the curriculum at universities in the 1980s, then to the secondary schooling in the 1990s, into the primary schooling in the 2000s, and full out mainstream media in the 2010s. Hitler would have been proud at their manipulation of the children into a religious cult of delusioned followers. If you do not know what Agenda 21 is, it is suggested you learn, as it is the plan on how to deal with every person on Earth that does not deserve to wear the crown of the Elite Society. Agenda 21 will produce a self inflicted slavery upon the common people.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) on Trial: CO2 does cause retention of infrared from directly escaping to outer space from the Earth. Over 67% of this retention happens by 0.02% in the atmosphere by volume (200 parts per million by volume (ppmv)), by 0.03% (300ppmv), well over 90% of its potential from the Earth's surface is retained. Below 200ppmv, plants and life start to suffer and die. Most of the CO2 historical plots are inaccurate and have been tainted by this lie to indicate a steady low quantity below 250ppmv, which is incorrect. Chemical CO2 tests have been performed for nearly 200 years and recorded with results indicating a range of 250ppmv to higher than 500ppmv in the atmosphere. By the time CO2 reaches 0.4% or 400ppmv, the amount of energy retained by further increasing CO2, is around 2% more. That 2% likely by quadrupling the CO2 to 1,600ppmv, which is less than 2 watts per meter squared, is retained in a total not only that meter squared of surface of the Earth but also in the column of atmosphere reaching 10,000 meters altitude. Simply put, 2 watts (2 joules per second) of energy dispersed over 10,000 meters cubed, with maybe a few milliwatts of forcing to the ground. Then once clouds are factored, 70% of the infrared from the surface cannot escape directly to outer space. Clouds are evaluated only for their net effect and ignored for the fact they do exist, do emit a graybody wide spectrum of infrared, and stop 70% the Earth's infrared as being a factor in the CO2 equation; the clouds would have blocked it no matter what. The actual retention total (atmosphere and surface) that can be blamed completely on CO2 is less than 10 watts to the meter squared to the surface and less than 40 watts to the column of air of at least 10,000 meters cubed above it (10,000m3). That wattage is the total as a result of going from 0ppmv CO2 increasing to 400ppmv. Scientists making the claim of warming by CO2 are moronic or accomplices.

Asset grabs by Bankers through the United Nations: There is a society of bankers that are extremely powerful. This society has been mentioned by US Presidents Woodrow Wilson and John F Kennedy, not indirectly but words pointing directly at this Elite Society. This Elite Society gathered representatives at the Bretton Woods Conference in July of 1944 with the purpose to set up the World Bank (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD)), which was established at this meeting, and the International Money Fund (IMF), officially established December of 1945. This Elite Society produced a front for these two entities through representatives labeled the United Nations in 1945, incorporating their World Bank and IMF into this front. All three of these entities were primarily truly about money, funding for reconstruction and development of war torn countries. The United Nations is nothing but a front for the bankers. This Elite Society in 1983, established the Bretton Woods Committee of 1983, a NGO think tank to the World Bank and IMF, their annual meetings are normally held in the World Bank's headquarters. This organization has "personal" members (689) affiliated with many of the large banking and global corporations, to include Mr. Yves-Andre Istel, affiliated to Rothschild INC. It is easy to see the United Nations goals on the World Bank's website as a perfect replication. The United Nations is a tool of the World Bank, which is a tool for the bankers. Out of the United Nations came a program labeled Agenda 21. This Agenda 21 was not directly about Climate Change but about Sustainable Development, like the "D" in IBRD. The introduction to an environmental banking concept was introduced in a Denver meeting titled the Fourth World Wilderness Congress, held in 1987, where Edmond De Rothschild presented his concept. A mass of documents, papers, and books started to appear with everything that needed to change to produce a sustainable world. These included pushing people into urban communities, destroying dams, land grabbing to protect it from human development.  But it is much worse than that. Climate Change is taking this power grab to a level beyond anything imaginable. Currently, Just the demand that all energy be converted to renewable energy has already forced over 4 trillion dollars of sales across the world. That is the start of what could be greater than a 100 trillion dollar bill that most will require loans to a product that has life expectancy of 25 years, a 4 trillion dollar a year upkeep cost. The United States will be paying more annually for renewable energy than it currently pays on its defense budget. With no foresight into this expense, it will bankrupt cities, states, countries and utilities, a debt that only resolution may be to swap the debt for the land grabbed and sell the utilities for pennies on the dollar.  The fact is the common people will pay for this scam, some $500 a year, but most $1,000 or more.

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