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Welcome to “Nature Escapes Red Centre Northern Territory”.
We have had a great time researching this incredible part of the country. Of course there is the iconic destinations of Uluru, Kata TJuta and Kings Canyon that are all well worth visiting if you get off the main tourist run you will be rewarded with even more stunning scenery and special places. Centred around the heart of the centre of Australia, Alice Springs. Whilst there is plenty to keep you occupied in town, head out of town and you will be spoilt for choice with the only limiting factor being the amount of time you have to experience and soak up this very special region. To the east of town are the mesmerising East Macdonnell Ranges with a distinctively historical flavour. Although not as popular as their western cousin these stunning ranges are a feast for the eyes and soul along with having an interesting history. To the west of town the ever popular West Macdonnell Ranges will simply take your breath away with their stunning beauty and endless gorges and chasm’s to explore.
Heading away from Alice Springs and to the south, with a little pre trip planning you can marvel at an Australian icon, Chambers Pillar. You can also take in the absolutely stunning Rainbow Valley, visit the true geographical centre of the country at the Lambert Centre, delve into the challenges of agriculture and farming in this wild, remote and harsh interior and explore the site of an ancient meteor crash site  at Henbury Meteorite Crater.

Whatever your interest you are sure to be blown away by the sheer beauty that the Red Centre has to offer. Even though it may conjure up images of the dry, dusty, flat outback it is anything but and has to be one of Australia’s most picturesque regions. The deep, red hues of the outback contrasting with the clear blue skies that appear to stretch way past the horizon, interspersed with rugged mountain ranges and awe inspiring gorges all within our incredible outback. Throw in captivating history and you have an amazing, diverse region to explore and given the expanse of area if you are lucky enough you may even be able to find a small piece of this paradise all to yourself.
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