How to Get Started, Get Work, and Make Money as an Insurance Adjuster

by Champion Adjusters

Hello my name is Dr. TJ Ammons and I am the owner of Champion Adjusters. My company offers online training for individuals who want to become adjusters, and we also provide continuing education courses to current adjusters. We are committed to training adjusters and preparing them to be successful. That's why I am proud to offer our Ebook "How to Get Started, Get Work, and Make Money as an Insurance Adjuster" to individuals who are interested in becoming adjusters, and those that are currently licensed.

Insurance adjusting is a growing field. Many people are drawn to it because of the flexibility and income potential but they don't realize it can be hard to get your first assignment. For every adjuster making six-figures, there are adjusters that are looking for work or their first position. I explain exactly what you must do to stand out, get work, and, specifically, which companies to apply with. I discuss the deployment process and how to properly prepare for your first assignment. I discuss what to do while you are deployed to make sure you get future assignments and build strong relationships with adjusting companies.

When I first began in adjusting I didn't have friends that were currently working in the field. It was a leap of faith as I quit my job and waited for my first deployment. I learned from trial and error. It took several years for me to get in the position I am right now in order to only work 4 months a year and make more money than a previous job for the entire year. If I had this information back then I would have gotten work sooner. In addition, I would have made more money in a shorter period of time.

What you will find in adjusting is a lot of helpful people but, unfortunately, some individuals may not have passed on the best information or have the best practices. This Ebook solves that problem for you.

If you are already an adjuster who has worked assignments before I feel that you will benefit from the tools I share in how to get a great rating and build relationships to get more assignments.

 If you want to specialize in a specific niche within insurance adjusting I would strongly advise you to consider my E-book, " Reviewing Water Mitigation Estimates for Adjusters" (highlight the link and right click to view E-book) Reviewing Water Mitigation claims is a growing and profitable specialization within insurance adjusting with opportunities to work from home.


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