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Content and Online Presence Review

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What does a Review cover?

Determine your readiness for marketing and incoming leads -

Don’t start promoting or advertising without laying a firm foundation! Don’t let small errors or a broken customer path trip you up and lose you sales. Optimize for action and maximize lead opportunities with an evaluation of your online presence from your website to your social profiles.

Review of website and all social profiles, including social networks and other channels. Prep for paid advertising, growing your email list, maximizing opportunities for opt-ins, optimizing customer journey.

Get yours done now and don’t waste any more effort!

Review of your website and all profiles, including social networks and all channels will find the “holes” where buyers may be dropping off. Optimize for action and maximize lead opportunities, identify where customer leads might be getting lost or dropping off. Prep for paid advertising, growing your email list, SEO positioning, maximizing opportunities for opt-ins, optimizing customer journey.

How does this Review work?

Get an Expert Website and Social Profiles Review

Discover what your online presence needs to move ahead of its competition as you market online. You must start by evaluating where you are right now with your site and social profiles to find the best place to start.

You can’t scale without the right foundation and systems in place!

A comprehensive, custom marketing review of your site and your social media profiles identifies what is holding your site back from higher search rankings and traffic, and where you may be missing opportunities to capture more of your audience. When you choose this Evaluation service, your site will be analyzed by an expert with 15+ years of experience in content, digital marketing, email marketing and search engine optimization. This is a custom, hands-on evaluation, subjective writing, not a machine analysis. The deliverable is a Report showing you how to make some changes and tweaks to optimize your online presence to prepare for more effective promotional activities and increase your discoverability.

This is not a page performance audit, or SEO analysis. This is not a line-by-line, linear punchlist.

This is about lack of visibility. Inconsistent branding. Disappointing response rates. Broken customer paths. Disappointing results of promotions. Missed opportunities. Lack of new customer leads. Lack of email list growth.

There will be an in-depth examination of your site structure and content, customized to you site size, content and goals. Recommendations may include some technical fixes and navigation improvements needed to increase your visibility in search. Most feedback will be on key insights for content and opportunities to capture your audience’s attention, and create more opportunities for their engagement with you. The focus is on usability, customer experience, and data collection.

Whether your site has been through major changes or a period of neglect, it can be hard to figure out just how to move forward and if you are on solid ground to start. We take the guesswork by sharing prioritized recommendations and deliverables you can implement immediately to improve your results.

You’ll receive a customized Report that covers on-page suggestions to improve marketing, as well as tips for a stronger customer path from acquisition to followup. A prioritized task list at the end lets you know what improvements to tackle first and next. It will be written in non-technical language anyone can understand. After the Report has been delivered, we’ll schedule a consultation to answer your questions and prioritize next steps.

After delivery of the report, we can work with you or your team to mentor, consult, guide and validate the implementation of our findings. If you run into issues, we can come up with alternative solutions. Throughout the process, we support your team with explanations and expertise.

Sandra Lynn

An experienced strategic marketing planning advisor, business development consultant, ecommerce and eLearning expert, and seasoned 7x business owner, Sandra Lynn has helped hundreds of leading businesses and agencies organize for growth. She’s a real marketer with an MBA background and over 20 yrs experience online serving people and companies in over 17 countries.

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