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Niyat Pullover drops on Fri, Mar 03. 

✨It is a top-down drop shoulder style cropped pullover. It has a relaxed fit with beautiful lace panels on the front and the back.The pattern allows you to mix and match body and sleeve sizing for a custom fit. 

A little intro about mix and match sizing:

 ✨ “I always fit into size X in all knitting patterns.” - said no knitter ever. 

Let’s say you pick sweater size X based on your chest measurements. You might have faced the situation of size X being right for your chest measurements but not your arm measurements and hence you had to make some adjustments. Typically it would entail knitting the sleeves from an adjacent size.

✨What is described above is just one example of how standard sizing charts can fail. Solutions like Victoria Marchant's MIX & MATCH SIZING: DROP SLEEVES are needed to try and solve at least some problems. Her blog post gave me the basic idea and inspiration to implement mix and match sizing in Niyat Pullover. I suggest you read Victoria’s post for a good understanding of the problem and proposed solution.


✨How does mix and match sizing work in Niyat Pullover? 

Niyat pattern comes with two sizing charts - one for body measurements and one for sleeve measurements. You choose your body size from 1-9 based on your chest measurement and your sleeve size from A-I based on your upper arm measurement. You have a body-sleeve pairing.

In the above pictures, I am wearing a size 2-A.

You knit the body from top down using measurements from your Body Size chart. You’ll know your armhole measurement and sleeve circumference from the Sleeve Size Chart. 

More details available in the preview doc. Let me know what you think! ❤️

You will get a PDF (15MB) file
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