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Easy Raw Vegan: Three Day Meal Plan

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If you're new to eating raw and need some help, or just want to have a simple and enjoyable three day detox, this is the plan for you! You can easily double up and make last a whole week. The recipes here are tested on regular, non-raw vegans to make sure they can be enjoyed by those with a more "traditional" palate. You'll feel full and light all at the same time after following this delicious meal plan. 

The best part about this book is it's EASY. There's a detailed shopping list that tells you exactly what and how much to buy. You won't waste ingredients on this book like some other recipe guides. 

Another great thing is you don't need a dehydrator! This is designed for people who really want to try raw food, but have been intimidated by all the gagdets and exotic foods. This guide uses regular food from the regular store and all you need is a blender (and even that's optional). 

Some of the amazing recipes include:

* Fruity Breakfast Bowl
* Chocolate Green Smoothie
* Collard Wraps
* Tomato Stacks with Walnut Sausage
* Lettuce Wraps
* Raw Vegan Ricotta 

And so much more. 

It even comes with a resources page as well as a full color photo of every single recipe!
You will get a PDF (11MB) file