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Stage Fright - 12 Powerful Tools to help you Beat it

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"Today, I have finished the 12 steps book that I bought from your web site and it is absolutely amazing. I am already feeling that I am ready to sing now! " 
R. Parekh, Canada

If you suffer from stage fright, you are not alone. I know. I am a professional singer and I used to suffer from awful stage fright, too. But I beat it. And so can You! 

My stage fright guide has taught people proven ways to overcome stage fright - ways that we know work. I learned these things while performing and teaching singing for over 30 years.  

These 12 Powerful Tools do not include a lot of scientific research. You will not have to wade through facts and figures. I give you simple, easy to follow steps that will help you to immediately make changes in how you think and feel about performing. You will understand the things that cause stage fright and how to deal with them.

You will learn how to tune up your nerves - before you get to the big day. 

You will know what it means to really prepare yourself to sing. 

You will have proven visualization exercises. 

 Also included: links to many helpful resources. For example:
• A video that teaches about how to memorize lyrics
• A breathing exercise on MP3, plus links to other select books and articles to boost your stage confidence.

You will know proven ways to overcome stage fright. 
This is not theory without experience. This is the real scoop; this is what we professional singers do.
• Visit my Web site here: Singing Tips With Barbara Lewis: Stage Fright Tips
• Visit my Youtube Channel here: Singing After Forty! 
You will get a PDF (3MB) file