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The Limerent Mind: How To Permanently Beat Limerence and Shine

Limerence is possibly the most tenacious, painful behavioural pattern that exists and many people remain trapped in its grips for decades. However, only a few weeks of implementing the correct thinking patterns can transform your subconscious mind and liberate you.

Since this strain of unrequited love is incredibly complex, we must comprehend and reconcile every possible facet of the experience. Neurobiology, psychology or spirituality all describe the same phenomenon in different terms, but what is at the ROOT of this disorder?

Limerence becomes your norm, but it isn't normal; recovery is essential and non-negotiable. Give yourself your best chance in this life and leave limerence behind now, rather than having to go through this transition in 10 years time. Bliss, clarity and wholeness await you. 

I cannot stress enough that you do *not* need this particular person to feel abundant, fulfilled and as euphoric as a child. Fighting the limerence illusion just takes educating yourself, unsticking your brain and redirecting your inner flame towards 'games' that you can actually win - games that let you shine.

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