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Energetic connections & Promises/oaths/vows to objects, people and experiences.

In depth instruction and coaching on how to clear and heal from Energetic connections (connected and unaccepted cords/promises/oaths/vows), 30+ Journal prompts, and clearing script

If we have negative cords to anyone or anything, this can also keep us anchored in the past and affect our ability to move forward. This can include but is not limited to: past abuse, past relationship cords keeping us feeling stuck, past experiences we feel we can’t move on from and even substances like food or objects that we feel we just can’t give up or have control around, even though we desperately want to.

For me personally, I had a connection to a certain food because of my feelings around that food. I felt I had to have it even when not physically hungry. I also had several cords holding me back from past experiences/relationships from old hurts and trauma from school and work. Some connections I had, no matter how abusive the person was, I just couldn’t seem to get away or heal anything I was working on, until that connection was removed.

We are continuously creating cords with people, objects and experiences, so it’s important to be aware of the energy we are receiving through these connections. The included instruction and journal prompts will help you to find the root of the connection and why there are some things/people you continue to connect to, so you can easily break those negative patterns and connections. Clearing these cords and connections will help you move forward with peace, new opportunities and empowerment as you are no longer connected to what was keeping you stuck.

"Oh my goodness the relief I have felt this past week and 8lbs gone since I purchased this has been amazing! I learned so much from this and am so grateful I now have it as a tool. The clearing script is amazing and the journal prompts are so in depth!"

"Aimee has been the most knowledgable person about cords that I have met. This is amazing information that has changed my life since I learned from Aimee"

"Aimee helped me with cords and connections I had to my ex and it was life changing. I never knew about them and how the energy was effecting me until then but once it was gone I felt like a whole new person. I dont feel stuck anymore"
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