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Bianca Medical REAL SLC to SLWC CHAPTER 02

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Bianca Medical REAL SLC to SLWC CHAPTER 02

After her arrival at the hotel, she rested and woke up early, as today the private doctor will visit her to exchange her current SLC cast for the future SLWC.
The entire process of removing the cast is filmed, and very carefully, as she has 2 fractures in the metatarsal of the foot.
After taking the SLC, his foot is still very purple at the bottom and very swollen on top too, the indication for this case was to do a SLWC med.
She's going to take a shower and moisturize her foot for the next cast.
All your cute little foot will be re-plastered and the whole process will be filmed and shown with details and close-ups
After putting on her cast, she goes to the balcony to wait for the plaster to dry, then she puts on a nice high heel, and until it dries, then she moves to her room parading her beautiful and fresh SLWC.
He struggles to his room to rest.

Video contains 35 minutes with scenes from:

- removing the old plaster with details and care

- showing your actual foot fracture

- fractured sole and metatarsal

- close up

- the entire process of placing the new plaster or SLWC

- waiting drying the plaster

- walking with crutches and high heels

You will get a MP4 (2GB) file
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