The Ultimate Greek Phrasebook

by Alexander F. Rondos

This handbook is the best companion for people travelling to Greece for tourism or business, or just want to learn the basics for communication in Greek, and also important things to know about Greece and Greek people. Written by local Greek experts, it contains carefully selected words and phrases, which will make your everyday communication with the locals much easier, and your staying in Greece much more pleasant. 
Impress the locals and make them friendlier towards you, understand all the basics in signs, menus and oral expressions, avoid misunderstandings, and of course learn how to communicate in case of an emergency. From basic communication and greetings to expressions for directions, food, shopping, emergency, business and much more, it will be your valuable digital companion inside your mobile device, accompanying you every day of your stay. 
All the words and phrases are first given in English, then phonetically in Greek in order for you to know how to pronounce them, and then in transliteration, so you can understand them if you see them written. 
It even contains a chapter dedicated in selected gestures and how the locals perceive them, in order to avoid misunderstandings. A final chapter of important things to know and useful contact numbers completes the basic knowledge anyone must have before travelling to Greece. 
Please feel free to contact us for any comment, enquiry or add-ons you might want to see in a book like this. 


Do you want to learn flawless Greek syntax, or basic practical everyday words and expressions that you will use everyday during your staying in Greece? 
Do you want to be able to tell the Greek alphabet to the hotel owner, or to be able to introduce yourself or negotiate with flawless Greek accent? 
If you chose the first option of each of the above two sentences, TUGP is not for you. TUGP is the ultimate practical phrasebook on the market today. If you had experience with big company’s phrasebooks, you will know that they focus on theoretical things, not practical. “Polar bears live in the north pole” is not actually a phrase that you will need during your vacation in Greece, isn’t it!! Believe me some Greek phrasebooks have included similar expressions! Not TUGP. 
TUGP’s aim is to teach you practical everyday words and phrases that you will actually use during your staying in Greece. Hours after hours of brainstorming, and my team and I have written the most practical, the most complete as far as quality is concerned phrasebook in the market today. 
Except from that, TUGP is THE ONLY Greek phrasebook , which has a chapter for gestures and how the locals perceive them. Moreover, the “Important things to know” chapter of the book, completely covers the absolutely important knowledge anyone must have before travelling to Greece. 

WHAT WILL TUGP OFFER YOIf I was a tour operator, I would give this book for free to all of my customers. It should be included in the “must have with me” before going to Greece. Why? Take a look on what it has to offer to you and you will understand why. 

TUGP will help you: 

  • learn important things everyone should know during ones stay in Greece 
  • be prepared for an emergency in a foreign country 
  • be prepared to protect yourself and your loved ones, or to be able to offer valuable help to someone else 
  • understand how locals perceive various gestures 
  • speak Greek with a local Greek accent! 
  • negotiate a hotel/room price 
  • introduce yourself and do basic conversation in Greek 
  • introduce others (your husband/wife children etc) 
  • compliment someone or understand a compliment by someone 
  • learn the numbers in Greek 
  • in your everyday communication with the hotel/room owner 
  • communicate in gas stations 
  • ask for directions or important landmarks like metro station, bus stop etc 
  • understand directions given to you in Greek 
  • and much more, potentials are unlimited…

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