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Lumai - businesswoman - lingerie brand - broken leg LLWC Chapter 01

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Lumai is a businesswoman who owns a lingerie brand.

She prepares for her brand's show, in rehearsals for the show with a very high heel she suffers a serious fall from her 1.75 meters in height.

She feels the bone break and cries in a lot of pain, to call for help she has to drag herself with her leg turned to the table where her cell phone is.

She calls for medical attention who arrives shortly thereafter.

The doctor explains that she has suffered a severe fracture in her tibia and fibula and will have to put her leg in a cast from foot to groin.

The doctor will get all the necessary kit to make a very neat LLWC.

The entire procedure of putting the leg in a cast is filmed and the details such as toes, and her beautiful French-style fingernail already makes the scenes even better.

After the plaster is done and a few hours have passed Lumai goes to the balcony of his apartment where his plaster is still fresh and his fingers are still dirty from the plaster.

She takes a wet cloth and starts to clean all her fingers dirty by the plaster leaving them very showy and more beautiful.

After everything is clean and the plaster is dry, she feels the heat of the plaster inside her body and starts to put her other foot on top of the plaster, making everything very beautiful with details and close-ups and with her wonderful feet even more sensual, she dances with her toes. feet slowly towards the lenses.

He returns to the living room and experiences walking with crutches for the first time.

If you fit very well and even liked it, you'll put on your high heels to walk and parade with your cast around the light apartment without putting your foot on the floor, which makes it a very beautiful adventure to see.

There are 39 minutes of video that contains scenes from:

- accident

- breaking leg

- screaming in pain

- doctor

- plastering the leg

- close up on the feet

- cleaning the plaster with details

- caresses with the foot in the plaster cast

- walking on crutches

- crutches + high heels parade

You will get a MP4 (2GB) file
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