Prayer from the Heart... "5" minute heart-felt prayer's

by M Words & the Christian Woman / Jo Wilmer


In response to reader's request:

Prayer from the Heart...A collection of heart-felt prayer's that encourage's the woman of faith to set aside "5" minutes alone with God.  The desire to pray is there, but often we are at a loss for the words that are in our heart, but yet cannot express.  Prayer for yourself, you husband, children, for strength and more.  

Written by Jo Wilmer, founder of "M" Words and the Christian Woman, whose feminine prose and encouraging writings reach over 3 million monthly. 

Am I Boring You With My Prayer? 
You Said to “Ask” 
When Strength Is Gone  
Lord, Equip Me For Battle  
For My Daughter 
For My Son  
Praying for Older Children 
Prayer for My Husband  
Prayer For Myself 

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$ 1.50

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