Jo Wilmer / Founder

This road of life can be bumpy with detours, confusing routes and breakdowns.  
What if along the way, you could look forward to rest areas, where an inspirational friend is waiting to encourage you?  This is what "M" Words is all about! 

Will you be able to stand confidently through stress? 
Will you be able to fight the fear with your faith? 
Will you be able to find inner comfort in the midst of conflict? 

Since 2004, "M" Words has reached women around the world; some who feel alone in their struggles and desire to be spiritually stronger, facing the battles. 

Praise God, as of August 1, 2019, "M" Words inspirational posts, pins and short studies is reaching over 1.3 million viewers monthly.   

This is not about numbers, but about eyes. 
Yes, the blessing that eyes will see HIS seeds of faith and plant them in their heart!    

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Connected women around the world : 

Facebook: Approx. 5000 waiting for seeds of faith regularly.
Pinterest:  Approx. 118,000 followers & reaching over 1 million monthly! 

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Thank you for being a woman of faith who desires to be spiritually strengthened and scatter HIS seeds along your road in this life!  My friend in faith, I look forward to one day meeting face to face! 

Jo Wilmer