Jo Wilmer / founder "M" Words & the Christian Woman.... reaching women online since 2004.

As we travel this road of life, we realize that it will not be a smooth ride. 

This life comes with many potholes and detours. Along the way, we will look forward to rest areas, where friends will be waiting to encourage us to press on.

My dear friend, we WILL all face dark times...times of heartache and tears.  It is comforting to know that there are women of faith who will encourage and pray for you through these times.

Often God allows us to go through these experiences to refine, shapen and strengthen our faith so we can be used in  His service. Our dark experiences can be used to help others along the rough road of life.  If you desire to find comfort and peace in this life, you must come to find and follow Christ first. 

When we have a relationship with Christ we are bonded for eternity, as a sister in Christ.  As part of an eternal family, we can find comfort.   

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Blessings, Jo Wilmer