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PowerPoint Video Machine - How to Easily Create Promotional Videos in PowerPoint from A to Z

By Claudiu Georgescu
If you’re looking for a quick and easy way of creating great promotional videos either for your business or other businesses, then PowerPoint is your best choice!  Why PowerPoint? Because it is very easy to use and can render a good video quality. You could create nice, short promo videos in no time! This course is all about the whole process of creating a promo video in PowerPoint as quickly as an hour from now.

From start to finish, from A to Z, I will show you how to create a good text for it, how to give it a voice, how to animate it, how to synchronize the voice with the text (the best way), and how to render it - so the video will be created as fast as possible but will have the best quality and will look professional.

Learn and Master PowerPoint to Video Creation in This Short but Comprehensive Course
  • Know what to say in the video and how to do it
  • Grab the viewer’s attention with eye catching visuals
  • Build a video in PowerPoint the easy way
  • Find the best methods to develop the PowerPoint slides into a great looking video
Easy to understand, I will leave no stone unturned

This course is structured in such a way that anyone can create a video from scratch even if this is the first video you’ll make and don’t know what to say or show in it…

It is like you watch over my shoulder and see me create a video in PowerPoint, step by step, with no skipped steps, and understand my thought process from conceiving the script, finding great quality free pictures or other stuff you might need for it and finally, putting all up together into a great promo video!

What You’ll Learn in this PowerPoint to Video Course

In the first section you will understand what’s the right order for creating any kind of video. You will also start to create the script (meaning the text) for the soon to be made promotional video and I will give you an easy to follow formula and two script templates.

In the second section you will start to create and edit the voice for the video, using a FREE audio recording and editing program.

In the third section you will start to create the video in PowerPoint, adding images, pictures, and text. Here you’ll learn how to animate them with some slick, elegant animations that will make your slides and video stand out and look professionally instead of boring or outdated. I will also show you, step by step, how to synchronize the voice with the slides, right inside PowerPoint, and how to add music and sounds.

In the last section I will show you the best way to put together the video using a FREE video editing software - so this would be like a 3-in-1 course (audio editing, video editing and PowerPoint to video creation)!

Knowing that videos are the BEST way to propel your business in front of tens of thousands of people, is a great skill that you have to develop and this course will give you this edge, by using just this easy to use but very powerful tool called PowerPoint and the clear instructions and advice you”ll find here.

I promise you’ll earn at least 10 times the price you invested in it - if you learn to create this type of promo videos!

So without further ado, enroll now and let’s start!

You will get the following files:

  • MP4 (9MB)
  • MP4 (18MB)
  • MP4 (27MB)
  • MP4 (62MB)
  • MP4 (150MB)
  • MP4 (135MB)
  • JPG (80KB)
  • JPG (404KB)
  • JPG (10KB)
  • JPG (3MB)
  • JPG (46KB)
  • JPG (4MB)
  • JPG (150KB)
  • JPG (92KB)
  • PNG (118KB)
  • RTF (52KB)
  • MP4 (113MB)
  • MP4 (44MB)
  • MP4 (42MB)
  • 7Z (2MB)
  • MP3 (3MB)
  • WAV (47KB)
  • MP4 (6MB)
  • MP4 (11MB)
  • ZIP (31MB)
  • MP4 (5MB)
  • MP4 (16MB)
  • MP4 (15MB)
  • MP4 (14MB)
  • MP4 (12MB)

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