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Hazelnut Latte And Something To Say (Cauldron Coffee Shop #2)

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Discovering a warlock cursed to live in a teapot is only the start of Willow's problems. 

Now she has a coffee shop to run, a cursed 3000-year-old agoraphobic warlock to look after, and a mischievous cat trying to make mischief. And that's without her heart getting added into the mix. 

Can she help Azíl discover a way to break his curse before he's forced back into his teapot for good?


Hazelnut Latte and Something to Say is book two of the Cauldron Coffee Shop Series, a witchy modern fantasy series with a romantic sub-plot, a mysterious teapot, and a cat who might be up to no good.
You will get a PDF (30KB) file

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