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Fit to be a Mom

Congratulations, you’ve become a Mom! Some of you have done this a few times before, so you know whole-heartedly what we’re talking about. If you are currently pregnant, now is also a wonderful time to be reading this book. No matter where you are at in your postpartum journey, this postnatal fitness plan will help you be the fittest, healthiest and strongest Mama you can possibly be. This is a wonderful gift to give to yourself, and to your family and children.
You finally have your sweet bundle of joy in your arms and now you are ready, really ready to focus on getting the fit body you’ve been dreaming about since that moment during the third trimester when you could no longer see your feet. We know that this desire only magnifies once you’re staring at yourself in the mirror a few days postpartum and wondering, “where am I?” 
Taking care of your health from day one of your baby’s life will set you up to heal faster, gain more energy and stabilize all sorts of fluctuating hormone levels. Now is a great time to take several steps forward to return to exercise and rebuild your postpartum body. This is a gradual process, but we will show you that it can be done in a safe and lifestyle friendly manner.
Our goal is to make this postpartum plan sustainable for life. We will address the questions and needs of all the Moms out there ready to lose the baby weight, so that you can confidently begin your journey to Fit Motherhood. We’ll take the guesswork out and provide the tools necessary for you to nourish yourself properly while also demonstrating how to safely exercise at home, in the gym, outside or at the park!
Returning to exercise and rebuilding your postpartum body is a gradual process. We know it is important that you have specific guidelines in order to help you reach your goals safely and efficiently. With the body being in such a delicate state, it’s important to avoid several specific exercises and give special emphasis to others. Your body is also going to have changing nutritional needs. Children, genetics and age have a way of doing that to us. We will discuss everything going on within your new postpartum body from science-based research and our own personal experiences. We believe that coming to a deeper understanding of the workings within your body and mind will be helpful in motivating you as well as keeping you mindful along your journey. 
We are confident that it is possible for you to have a healthier functioning body and improved self-image than you did pre-pregnancy. No matter your starting point, or how far you think you still have to go to reach your goal, we’re with you and here to tell you that it IS possible to reach your fitness goal! This postpartum fitness project is extra special for us, given it’s something we are entrenched in daily. Both of us share small windows into our personal journeys on social media, and now we have complied it all together in one place for you to reference for years to come.
Be very proud of yourself for taking these first steps towards a successful postpartum journey. We will be with you through each step, rep and set along the way. Get ready to watch yourself accomplish extraordinary things, both inside and out!

Ebook includes:
  • 6 Sample Meal Plans to reference how we adjusted calories and macros from 2 weeks - 1.5 years postpartum. We will also give you specific guidelines and calculations for building your own customized program and how to accomodate for breastfeeding calorie requirements while losing weight. You will get to see our personal food journals and the foods we chose to eat, along with caloric and macro breakdowns.
  • Grocery list essentials broken down by macronutrient. Pick and choose a wide variety according to your taste! Vegetarian and Vegan options provided.
  • Our Favorite "Baby Led Food" Snacks, dairy and non-dairy options.
  • Supplement Suggestions.
  • Guidelines for Weightloss and if you are breastfeeding, we discuss how to do so without diminishing your supply.
  • 27 of our favorite nutrient dense breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snack recipes!
  • Fast Meals to throw together.
  • Healthier Take-Out Options.
  • 32 workouts with video demonstration that you can safely perform upon doctor's clearance. All are flexible enough to be performed at the gym or in home! We’ll also discuss how and when to increase or decrease the intensity.
  • Baby and Me and Stroller Workouts to include your little one(s) into the routine and show them that exercise is fun!
  • Diastasis Recti prevention and healing, along with exercises to perform and avoid. 
  • Abdominal and Pelvic Floor Restoration exercises with video demonstration and program recommendations. 
  • Stretches to keep your body mobile and pain free from the long hours of feeding your infant, toting them in a baby carrier or slung on the side of your hip!
  • Motivation to remain fit!
  • Navigating Short and Long Duration Postpartum Symptoms such as breast engorgment, hair loss, incontinence, night sweats, postpartum depression, and weaning. 
  • Body Image. How to love your new postpartum body, trust in the process and realize that comparison is deceiving. 
  • Over 100 pages of content rich information.
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  • Please Note: Due to this being an ebook, there are no refunds issued after purchased.

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