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Blues Soloing Maps - Playing the Changes

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The blues is one of the most accessible and gratifying forms of music to learn on the guitar at any level. Beginners get a huge kick out of playing their first solo using the minor pentatonic scale, while intermediate players want to take their soloing to the next level by studying chords, arpeggios, or scales, as well as key theory concepts.

The purpose of this book then is to give you an intermediate road map to solo over blues changes that outlines those changes instead of just blowing over them with a single scale.

The concept I’ll show you in this book is incredibly simple to grasp; all you need do is practice it and watch your blues playing grow in a matter of weeks. It’s a solid concept that can be applied to every chord you solo over in order to craft a blues solo where you really play the changes.

This is probably the shortest book you’ll ever read on blues soloing, but the information it carries is powerful and will take your blues playing to the next level.
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