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Diana LLWC - Executive women break leg with high heels 01

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Diana LLWC - Executive women break leg with high heels 01

Diana an executive woman comes to a business meeting at the airport with a foreigner.
When arriving at the hotel after a day at work, taking a glass from the top shelf with her high heels, she climbs onto the chair, reaches for the glass and when she drops her heels, she turns her foot, breaks her ankle and shinbone.
She is in great pain, moans in pain, and crawls on the floor to the sofa behind the phone to call for help.
Call a private doctor who works at the hotel.
Upon arrival
checks for fractured tibia and ankle, immobilizes her entire leg with a large foot-to-groin cast, and puts a heel on the cast to further aid her locomotion.
All scenes of plastering her leg and he beatifull feet.
She stays in the hotel room, asks for crutches by order online, jumps to the door to get the crutches, then goes to her room to take off her clothes and that she has a wonderful and nice body to look at, flat stomach, and very hot legs and now with a beautiful leg cast with lingerie and a change of clothes in this chapter with over 30 minutes of castfetish art video.
video contain scenes of:
- High heels 
- Podolatry
- Pain when break leg
- Plastering leg
- Lingerie
- LLWC and its first steps- high heels
You will get a MP4 (2GB) file
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