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He Starts a Crime Spree With an Obama Mask Volume 2: He Gets a Surprise at the End of His Life

“Jenny, you… I want you to sit on the couch now.” He ordered to the older Asian. They were both totally naked. Jerry reached into his pocket, and pulled out two little blue pills. He popped them into his mouth and washed them down with a bottle of water that he saw sitting on the table. 
“Now, are either of you ladies bi sexual, or even a lesbian. What about you Anne, you look like a fucking dyke.” He spat at the women. Jenny’s face turned red with embarrassment, but Anne’s jaw set, showing him that she was angry.  
“Don’t go getting all angry, I’m just wondering if I have to walk you through what I want you to do, or if you can just give me what it is I am looking for. I've never had two woman, and I want the both of you to give me a show.” 
“Anne, we are both married, and have children at home. Neither of us have ever been with another woman.” Anne stated. Was she trying to get under his skin? To make him feel bad by throwing up the fact that they had families at home? Wasn't going to work. 
“What about you Jenny? Look me in my eyes, and tell me that you've never been with another woman.” Jerry yelled. Jenny slowly turned and looked at him. Her face was bright red, and she was stuttering.  
“I… I … I don’t kno…” She began.  
“A simple yes or no. Have you ever been with another woman?” He barked at her. She broke down. 
“I've never been with … anyone… sir.” This stopped Jerry dead in his tracks. A virgin? He couldn't have gotten any luckier if he tried.

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