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Two Amalfi Collection Patterns

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Two Amalfi Collection Patterns

Get Positano & Steps to Positano as an immediate download, then choose two additional patterns.  

Ischia and Naples are available now and Sorrento will be available on February 25 (you will receive an email with download information for any of these).  

Look for the other eligible patterns as follows:

Maiori & Path to Maiori on March 20
Furore & Fiorde Wraps on April 22
Capri Shawl on May 20.

Light, breezy, versatile

The Amalfi Collection evokes the beauty and inspiration I felt visiting the Amalfi Coast of Italy. Those familiar with all the regions of Italy will often say that the Amalfi coast is the most beautiful. It is hard to argue. I have only been to Sorrento and Capri, and transited through Naples.  My next exploratory trip to the Amalfi Coast will allow me to continue to enjoy more of its inspiring beauty.

The Amalfi Collection

This collection is composed of nine designs utilizing two types of open stitches: dropped and elongated. These stitch patterns allow me to create fabric that reflects the light, breezy, and airy aspects of the Amalfi towns they represent. Each town on the Amalfi Coast, and each pattern in the Collection, is unique, with many overlapping features.

The Amalfi Collection patterns are each offered as a written pattern in a particular yarn weight. Many of the patterns include an accompanying written pattern to work the design in Any Size. Any Gauge. A Pattern Calculator finds the numbers you need for your size and to work with your gauge. Pattern Calculators are clever, incredibly useful, making each pattern far more versatile than a standard written pattern. Follow my guidance to make these in your choice of yarn, in your size!

Find additional details on the Amalfi Collection here.

Nine Patterns

Ischia Scarves, $12
Naples Collar and Cow,l $18
Positano & Steps to Positano, $8* Immediate Download
Sorrento & Piano del Sorrento Cow,l $12*
Maiori & Path to Maiori Cowls, $12
Furore & Fiordo Wrap, $12*
Capri Shawl, $12
Ravello Tank, $30* not available through this offer
Salerno & Promenade Trieste Wrap & Skirt, $22* not available through this offer

All Amalfi Collection patterns feature multiple patterns, or an Any Size. Any Gauge Pattern Calculator (denoted by an *). Use the Pattern Calculators to turn the written pattern into one worked at your gauge and to your preferred measurements. Pattern Calculators give you the choice of dimensions and even allow the use of a specified amount of yarn.  There is a lot of work that create these Any Size. Any Gauge. patterns. They are priced to reflect the amount of work and the usefulness of the pattern.

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