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About Me

I am trained as a fashion designer with a focus on garment construction and pattern making.

I love hand knits which allow me to create both the fabric and the shape. I am always thinking about knitted things and how to guide knitters toward a successful knitting experience. When teaching, My classes blend my wealth of knitting knowledge with a sense of humor and fun.

I taught classes in line development and portfolio development classes at FIDM-SF, as well as textiles, creative applications, and preproduction. Fit is critical to my view of garment design; I teach grading to knitwear designers and I have developed sizing guidelines for industry companies. I do online webinars and classes as time permits. 

I occasionally do third-party work; I have my own line of knitting patterns and eBooks. I co-authored, and illustrated, YNotKnit: Step-by-step instructions for Continental knitting and knitting basics. I am working on other books. 🤪

I'm a knitting geek. You'll find nearly 200 techniques described on my website. I also like to write. Visit: