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Chattanooga Cosy

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This pattern has 20 sizes.

Chattanooga will showcase your fabulous yarn: solids, long runs, randoms, or anything looking for the perfect project.

  1. Line up your needles — you need five sizes to create the fit and the fabric.
  2. Measure your shoulder girth at your widest upper torso point, add ease (guidance inside!), and
  3. Pick one of 20 sizes.

Worked from the top down from a stable beginning, the Elegant Drop Stitch makes a light and open fabric, with architectural visual elements.

This is a Fill-In-the-Blanks pattern, to allow you to focus on your size only!

Yarn Fingering or sock; suitable for plant fibers, blends, wool

Fabric Open with incremental twist stitches

Silhouette Top-down yoke

This is an easy fit in that it doesn’t have to be precise. Have enough ease in your bottom circumference to allow movement of your arms without shifting the garment. Neck sizes are within a range reasonable for each size. Choose your size based on your shoulder girth to get Bottom Circumference.

The pattern begins with size 2US(2.75mm), then uses sizes 3US(3.25mm), 4US(3.5mm) (all sizes), 5US(3.75mm) and 6US(4mm) or 6US(4mm) and 7US(4.5mm)

Measurement tables (including lengths) can be found in Photos.

Neck Circumferences:

Sizes 1-5: 17”/43.2cm) (18”/45.7cm) (19”/48.3cm) (20”/50.8cm) (21”/53.3cm)

Sizes 6-10: (22”/55.9cm) (23”/58.4cm) (25”/63.5cm) (27”/68.6cm) (29”/73.7cm)

Sizes 11-15: (27”/68.6cm) (29”/73.7cm) (31”/78.7cm) (33”/83.9cm) (34”/86.4cm)

Sizes 16-20: (35”/88.9cm) (36”/91.4cm) (36”/94cm) (37”/94cm) (38”/96.5cm) (39”/99.1cm)

Bottom Circumferences:

Sizes 1-5: 32.625”/82.9cm (34.75”/88.3cm) (36.875”/93.6cm) (39”/99cm) (41”/104.1cm)

Sizes 6-10: 43.125”/109.5cm) (45.25”/114.9cm) (47.375”/120.4cm) (49.5”/125.8cm) (51.625”/131.1cm)

Sizes 11-15: 63.75”/161.9cm) (67.5”/171.5cm) (71.25”/181cm) (75”/190.5cm) (78.75”/200cm)

Sizes 16-20: 82.5”/209.5cm) (86.25”/219.1cm) (90”/228.6cm) (93.75”/238.1cm) (97.75”/250.9cm)"

Gauge can be flexible, but if you don’t get gauge, you will not get the same measurements.

Gauge is for fingering yarn. It will vary based on yardage so there will be differences if you use other than the Silk Sock. Find gauge table in Photos.

For each size there are two variations. Yarn consumption is based on variation an and variation b. Find yarn requirements tables in Photos.

Removable and ring markers, tapestry needle, extra needle for flexible long-tail cast on.

For more information, see:

You will get the following files:
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  • PDF (92KB)
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