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Ischia Scarves

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Ischia scarf pattern has color changes, no color changes, and variations in the application of the two stitch patterns used, all in three very different yarns. This simple canvas is perfect for exploration!I love to make things simple, but like simplicity itself, it is often harder to explain and document than the simplicity would show.

The three yarns I have used are all inelastic. This is always a challenge in scarves, but it is a way to get interesting drape to the fabric. Myak is 50% Yak/50% silk, Vera is 65% silk / 35% linen, and Afghan DK Cashmere is 100% Cashmere.

Each version is slightly different — and I believe the Afghan DK Cashmere version is more tailored or masculine. I wonder how many interesting combinations could be achieved by combining the variations in different ways? The gauges are different, but the structures are interchangeable, but might require working a different size.

Featured Photo by Mitchell J. Olejko © 2019

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