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Sizing Tables for 3 Body Types (beta)

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You can download my standard (hourglass) sizing tables or you can get my latest Sizing Tables for 3 Body Types here and invest in having more inclusive sizing. To fully understand how to use these, please sign up for my newsletter and take one of my free classes on Teachable.

Sizing Tables, Charts, Guidelines, are all the same to me!  So whatever you wish to call them, here are Excel sheets of Jill Wolcott Knits® Newest Sizing Tables in inches and centimeters.  If you reside outside North America, you can now get these here.

Sizing is given for two sizing schemes

Missy sizing Numeric Sizes 2 through 20 (10 sizes)
Alpha Sizes XXS through XXL (7 sizes)
Lavis (plus) sizing Numeric Sizes 14W through 36W (12 sizes)
Alpha Sizes XLX through 5X (6 sizes)
There are two measurements not given on the Lavish tables because I don’t have access to accurate measurements to share.

Each table has numbers above the other sizing.  This can make it easier to keep track of the sizes being offered and have no significance other than that!

I am providing this as a product (which it is!) because I can then track who has it and if I make changes, contact you.  This is now just spreadsheets which are locked except for the Custom Column.  Want more?  Get in touch.

Croquis are quick drawings.  Trust me these are not quick sketches (getting the layers to work in Illustrator was a task!), but croquis is the term used for drawings that one might sketch on top of to do quicker drawings.  I’ve put measurements on top of these so I think they qualify as croquis.  The figures are torsos since we rarely do a full figure and it saves space.  These two Croquis are to show where each measurement is taken on the body with corresponding letters in the tables and referenced on the Croquis.

I provide no underlying explanation of these measurements because I explain them in various courses I teach.  Please email me if you need explanations, or purchase the ASTM sizing and measuring guidelines. Individual ASTM sizing tables are $50/each.

These measurements are averages. I have tweaked the ASTM measurements to suit my customer and these are slightly more generous than strict ASTM averages.

I am releasing this as a beta version, but you actually will have to pay $5 for it.  In June it will move out of Beta. Obviously I think my sizing schemes are the best.  It is obvious that others who are teaching do too because they send students here to download.  If you have been sent with the promise of free material, so sorry, I just can't sustain that. Be sure to sign up for the Inside Scoop, my newsletter.

If you want to know more about sizing please consider taking the FREE ASOG Webinar on Teachable.  It is simply an overview of what you will learn in the A System of Grading Course.  ASOG is being revamped to self-directed learning and will be offered as a package and a la carte.  I believe I know as much, if not more, about sizing and grading as anyone in the knitwear teaching business.  You get a coupon code for these tables whenever you take the course.

Read this blog.  It contains valuable information about Inclusive Sizing.
You will get the following files:
  • AI (217KB)
  • PDF (82KB)
  • XLSX (165KB)

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